Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

This agreement of the terms and conditions apply to all buying shopping and browing on this website.This agreement is between Edwards and Hope and you the customer. This agreement means a understanding of the contect and subject of this website. This agreement to comply with and bound by these Terms and Conditions if you do not agree with the terms and conditions you should stop using the website immediately. From time to time edwards and hope will change this agreement to make it the best website for you and edwards and hope.

Use of the site

This website allows you to buy and shop online however you are prohibted to use our site including our service, you are not allow try and collect personal informaton, to change price or to post false information that is misleading or defamatory to Edwards & Hope.

Payment and invoices.


Payment to Edwards & Hope for product brought via the website will be paid via Pay Pal. When an item is brought you will have a Pay Pal invoice that Pay Pal will send you. When you receive your goods bought on Edwards & Hope Website you will have a receipt or invoices showing what you have bought from Edwards & Hope Website. Payment will need to have been made before any goods are sent out.

Refunds, Returns and loss of items and damage due to delivery

You are welcome to a refund, exchange, replacement or credit note within 21 days of the start of the delivery date. 

You can do a refund two ways. Come in to the shop with a receipt or invoice with the goods and proof of payment. Or you can contect us via the website and if you send the items back at you own cost we will refund the goods amount within 14 days. The only items you can not return is cut cable and items we have made for you unless it is faulty.

If items are lost or damaged due to delivery you will need to prove the damage i.e pictures or the item send back to us to show they are damaged. if they are sent back to Edwards & Hope this is to be done at your own cost.  We will replace or refund any items that are damage after Edwards & Hope have seen proof of this. All items are sent out will be checked that they are working and not damage and they will all be packed to keep them safe on the journey to you.



More information

Edwards & hope will keep any information you give us safe. We will never give out your details to anyone. 

Our prices on the website are the same prices in the shop. Any Price diffrent on the website would be due to special offer that can only be deemed on the website and not in the shop.