This is what we have been waiting and excited for. A Beautiful filament globe with clear glass and warm filament. But it is a smart bulb where you can change the warmth of the light bulb. You can go from 1800 colour temperature which is a very warm light to 3000 colour temperature which is still warm but it is a crisper cleaner light. 

Can aslo be set to turn on and off via the app coming on/off at different times and days. 

This aslo can be dimmed to the level that you want.

Can be dimmed and turned on and off with a calex remote Code: 429204 which can be brought separately 


Dimmable on the app and the remote.

E27, ES

10000 on/off life

15000 hours life

1055 lumens 

Colour temperature 1800 to 3000 

Calex Code 429036

7.5 Watt ES 125mm Clear filament Globe LED Smart