5 watts GU10 LED is a RGB which means you can change the colour to wht you want just by your phone. 

You can dim the light to the level you want.

You can also have the light to a cosy warm white or to a cool white light. You really can choose the colour you want.



This lamp is a GU10 fitting.

It is dimmable but only on the app or the remote. You can not use this light bulb if you want a dimmer. This is done by the wifi. So you need to have wifi.

You can add rountines and timers via the calex app.

350 lumens 

Burns 5 watts of energy.

15000 Hours of life.

10000 on/off life.

If you dont want to use the app you can use the remote to turn on and off and dimmer. You will need to have the buy separately. Code 429204 Remote Control.

Dia 50mm 

Height 58mm

Calex order code 429002


5W GU10 RGB and White LED Smart

  • When you use this lightbulb you need to make sure this is not on a dimmer.

    The light need to be on a switch.