This lightbulb is a great idea. It is perfect if you do not have or can not have a dimmer on your light but you would like to have a choice to dim.

This lamp works on your existing switch.

All you need to do is each time you click the light off and on it will go lower in light.

This light bulb can be used in table lamps, desk lamps and great for chandlier if you want to have fully brightness in a room and then step it down to mood lighting. This light bulb is so versatile. It can aslo be great for a childs bed room. It can be used to light up a room but aslo great for a night light if you step it down to step 3

2700 Colour Temperature.

Satin frosted 

Dia 38mm

Height 98mm

Step 1: 550 lumen 5.5W 100%

Step 2: 320 lumen 2.8W 50%

Step 3: 130 lumen 1.3W 12.5%


This light bulb will not work on a dimmer.


10,000 x On/Off  

15,000 hours


3 Step Dim Candle SES E14